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Become a Hypnosis Emotional Intelligence Coach '1 Day' Intensive Workshop

Get more clients and expand your hypnosis practice by using  a 4 step Emotional Intelligence development model   

This course will give you a solid turn key strategy that you can use as a structure to build coaching programs around.  Emotional Intelligence is one of the hottest skillsets getting massive attention right now.  It pairs beautifully with hypnosis as well as any other change tools and techniques you are using.


Emotional intelligence  (E.I.)  is all about helping people create self awareness and self regulation.  Incorporating this model into your current practice will give you a solid foundation to incorporate hypnosis, NLP, EFT and any other modalities you are trained in.  The benefits of incorporating this skill with your clients will expand your business by embedding a coaching model that you can lead with to open more doors and have a rinse and repeat program that flows.   You will learn why  emotional intelligence is far more than just a handy set of "people skills," and why all the  research says that it's the one skill to develop that has been proven to increase our health, emotional well being and how successful we are in life.


Here's who should attend:

-Hypnotists and NLP practitioners who want to expand their business into the coaching arena.

-Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on Emotional Intelligence.

-Anyone that is curious about how Emotional Intelligence will enhance their current practice.

-You are someone who knows that being an effective person is an inside job and wants a step by step guide to this skill set that is in the spotlight and some practical tools you can use immediately.

headshots-heartland-_0004_Amber Cox.jpg
Amber Cox, BCH,NLP,CI 
Author, Emotional Intelligence Specialist/
Global Trainer/ Coach 

Get Your Certification at the  Heartland Hypnosis Conference!

What you’ll get:

-Learning manual of materials for teaching Emotional Intelligence development or training.

-Personal assessments and surveys to use

-Coaching assessments

-Interactive exercises for individuals and groups

-Ongoing support/mentorship

Spend a  day in this practical workshop that

gives you all the resources you need to immediately take action

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