Heartland Hypnosis Conference 2020

St.Louis, Missouri, USA | 24-26 April 2020

Holiday Inn – Downtown St.Louis

Your Opportunity To Meet And Learn From The Best Hypnotists In The World.

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What Is Unique To Heartland Hypnosis Conference?

1. We organize the classes into TRACKS that focus on these specific areas:

Clinical Uses of Hypnotism

Spiritual or Metaphysical Uses of Hypnotism

Stage (Performance) Hypnosis

The Business (Practice) of Hypnosis

2. We provide a place for licensed and unlicensed practitioners to meet and share under the umbrella of Heartland Hypnosis Conference.

3. We break bread together at lunch in an informal setting where you may ask to sit with a presenter with whom you wish to speak.

 4. We schedule the conference so that many Presenters in the Stage Hypnosis Track may perform actual shows in nearby schools or clubs at night during the conference. This provides wonderful learning opportunities for novices and seasoned professionals.

William MitchellFounder of Heartland Hypnosis Conference

NEW Location for 2020!

We’re excited to announce that Heartland Hypnosis Conference 2020 will be taking place in the amazing Holiday Inn – Downtown St.Louis

Closer to all the exciting downtown amenities St Louis has to offer.

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Clinical Uses Of Hypnotism

William Mitchell began helping people with hypnotism for habit control, with weight loss and stop smoking group seminars. He started the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic Jan, 2003 in Springfield, IL. That successful work continues today. See www.hypnoprogram.com to read the testimonials and to view the videos of his many successful clients. He was awarded Hypnotist of the Year in 2009 for his work in Clinical Hypnosis. He also served on the Southern Illinois University Medical School in Springfield, IL as adjunct faculty on the CAM Panel (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) from 2005-2009.

Stage (Performance) Hypnosis

When William Mitchell met a stage hypnotist that only performed clean comedy hypnosis shows, he asked the stage hypnotist, the late Kent Sorrells, to teach him how to use hypnosis for clean comedy high school shows and corporate holiday shows. Over the years William has expanded his range of clean comedy hypnosis shows to include colleges, conventions, church fundraisers, project graduations, after-prom lock-ins, school assemblies and festivals, county fairs and the Illinois State Fair in 2019. William Mitchell believes that stage hypnotists are the ambassadors of hypnotism to the public. Therefore, it is very important to have trained and ethical stage hypnotists that continue to take continuing education classes as well as internships
at conferences and conventions like Heartland Hypnosis Conference. www.cleanhypnoshows.com

The Business (Practice) Of Hypnosis

William Mitchell has built several successful businesses to serve various clientele or audiences. In an effort to serve individuals seeking a career in the field of Hypnotism, William formed the Mitchell institute of Professional Hypnosis LLC, (originally an IL state approved vocational school) in 2006. Since that time, William has created trainings, products and now a conference for those seeking a method or business model that will afford them the opportunity to practice as either a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, or a Stage Hypnotist as well as training for other professionals seeking to add hypnotism to their toolbox. www.mitchellinstitute.com
While all of these Tracks are Hypnotism, it has been the experience of William Mitchell that it is better to specialize and focus your attention on each area.

Spiritual or Metaphysical Uses of Hypnosis

As an ordained seminary trained Christian minister, Rev. Mitchell could appreciate the spiritual applications of hypnotism, especially in the psychology of forgiveness. Both in his pastoral ministry and in his clinical office Pastor Mitchell has utilized the powerfully experiential tool of hypnotism to enhance the spiritual component of those that came seeking spiritual encouragement, guidance and direction.

Past Speakers Include…

Caryn Bird

Professional Hypnotist

Caryn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin–Parkside and has professional experience in the fields of psychology and corporate marketing. Caryn’s career in hypnosis began when she and her husband chose to birth their third child using HypnoBirthing. After her pain-free childbirth experience, Caryn realized the power of the mind and subsequently, became a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Consulting Professional Hypnotist. Caryn began her own hypnosis practice, Win with Hypnosis, in 2004. She specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis/Mental Toughness Training and has helped hundreds of athletes achieve their highest goals and dreams.

Jeff Richards

Clinical Hypnotist

Jeffrey Richards is a clinical hypnotist, coach, entertainer and business consultant. In practice since 2000, He is a sought-after speaker and trainer, helping fellow hypnotists help more clients while also introducing more people to the benefits of hypnosis. Jeff has offices in Columbus and Gambier, Ohio.
Certified Hypnotist, IMDHA, NGH, ICBCH
Certified Hypnosis Instructor, ICBCH
Licensed Trainer of NLP, Society of NLP

Lois Herman

Hypnosis Instructor

Lois Hermann is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and Neuro-Linguistics Programming Trainer with decades of experience in Emotional Freedom Technique, Spirit Release Training, and other advanced hypnosis techniques. A multi-registered medical professional, Lois has extensive experience in corporate leadership and education. She enjoys coaching via sessions, seminars, presentations, and shows. A published author of several hypnosis-based books, Lois regularly shares insightful articles and blogs. She is passionate about empowering clients to release the pain of the past, embrace the gift of the present, and achieve their goals to create lasting success.

Multiple Medical Registrations:
RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer)
RDCS (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer)
RVT (Registered Vascular Technologist)
Reiki Master-Teacher

Helen Mitas

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Helen Mitas is a leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, a published author of the book Mindset Dominance, international speaker, Hypnotherapy business mentor and respected leader in her field around the globe.

As the Founder of Hypnofit, Helen Mitas has helped thousands of people overcome depression, anxiety and self sabotaging behaviours through her renowned and ground-breaking Hypnofit ‘Take Control’ Hypnosis Programs.

Helen is a woman on a mission to increase awareness globally of the power of Hypnotherapy to help people live the life they deserve safely & naturally without unnecessary medication.

Jim Wand

Hypnotic Entertainer

Jim Wand is the founder and owner of Wand Enterprises, The Hypnosis Agency representing hypnotists, mentalists, ventriloquists, comedians and magicians. He has been involved in the field of hypnosis for over 30 years. Jim Wand has a BS in Psychology, and an MS in Counseling. He has over 11,000 professional engagements to his credit and is considered to be one of the top hypnotic entertainers in the world today. He has performed in every state and 10 foreign countries, many on multiple occasions. He also is considered an expert in the field of personal and group motivation. Besides his entertainment background he operated a very successful hypnosis practice for 8 years employing 3 full time hypnotists besides himself. He continues to do over 200 presentations each year.

Larry Garrett

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Larry Garrett first gained national attention with the publication of his book ``Healing the Enemy``.

In 2001 Larry was in Iraq hypnotizing Uday Hussein. In fact on September 11 of 2001 He was in Bagdhad. His book tells the story of how he became therapist to Hussein and it is riveting. The release of this book in 2008 made Larry one of the more well known clinical hypnotherapist in the USA.

Larry not only told his story in the book but shared it throughout the world via interviews on American and European media.

Maggie Minsk

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Maggie Minsk is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Alabama and North Carolina, a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Certified Instructor (CI) and Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She received her LPC and NCC licenses in 2009 and has been a certified hypnotherapist with the NGH since 2006. Maggie currently specializes in helping clients work through trauma and using Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in treatment of those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). She teaches hypnosis certification and mindfulness classes and has her own private practice in Madison, Alabama @ www.maggieminsk.com

Martin Castor Peterson

Martin Castor Peterson
Martin Castor Peterson from Denmark has taught hypnosis in over 16 different countries and performed in more than 15. He has been a radiohost for several years in USA, and a consultant and featured expert on various TV shows with his hypnosis skills in Europe.

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The Reviews

Wow! Honestly this has been the best hypnosis conference that I've ever been to - looking forward to 2020!

Maggie MinskClinical Hypnotherapist

The best thing about the Heartland Hypnosis Conference is there are 4 tracks you can go on

Tim HornClinical Hypnotherapist