Tracy Barrett Adams

Tracy Barrett Adams is a clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer practicing in Seattle, Washington and Austin, Texas. She specializes in medical hypnosis, with an emphasis on insomnia, neurological issues, and reproductive health (fertility, childbirth, and beyond). Tracy’s worked with thousands of clients on these and other health-related issues, and sees clients primarily through physician and licensed therapist referral. An IMDHA and ICBCH certified trainer, Tracy conducts group trainings live and online. 

Fertility: Core Hypnotic Concepts

More and more women are struggling to become pregnant. The benefits of hypnosis are evidence based and becoming well known and talked about among support groups and fertility forums. This talk highlights common fertility challenges and strategies for the hypnotherapist to smooth the way for conception.

Insomnia: 3 Essential Elements for Change

Thirty percent of adults report dealing with insomnia – so when your clients have consistent, long-term results, a wonderful referral base emerges. This talk is a condensed, content-rich session to equip you with the right questions to ask your clients, and the tools to help them feel great right away and create sustainable change.