Terry Is a Stage Hypnotist who has done high schools, colleges, and corporate shows.  As a NGH member Terry even teaches rapid inductions for other instructors as he has done research and worked with Psychiatrist to develop a technique in rapid inductions that has proven to be successful.  While He specializes in Stage work he does some clinical to help people with unusual problems.

Presentation covers:

Why clinical Hypnotist should consider adding Rapid Inductions to their skill set for unusual cases.

 Join me for my presentation on Saturday at 5:00 on the use of Rapids in Clinical Hypnosis.  We will cover situations where Rapid inductions may better choice for your clients. I will also cover the fundamentals  of rapids and how to set it up to be successful. We will also demonstrate some rapids if we have time. Why not add a new skill while you are here? 


Terry is often called the Rapids Guy because of his understanding of the fundamentals of Rapid Inductions.  While Terry’s primary focus is on Stage Hypnosis, where he does Comedy Shows, he also does motivational Hypnosis at schools and for corporate. Terry also teaches Rapid Inductions for other instructors.