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Nadeen Manuel


Contact Info:

305 799-8255


Micro Profiling - From Hello To Close Your Eyes


Combined skill, experience & passion makes Nadeen’s award-winning Comedy Hypnosis Show and Transformative Virtual Events the perfect combination of funny, fascinating and smart!
For almost two decades, Nadeen has been a student of the art and science of hypnosis, NLP, and body language. She has performed thousands of shows and seminars in over thirty countries. Her seminars combine humor, storytelling, fun demonstrations, and live transformations. Nadeen wants you to walk-in with high expectations; expect fascinating, fast-paced and life-changing experiences. Nadeen is an author to hundreds of Self-Hypnosis audio programs. Her Deep Brain Programming Series focuses on Weight Loss and resolving Type Two Diabetes, with additional sections on achieving Goals, and Affirmations. She is famously known for her innovative techniques on teaching self-hypnosis. Her self-hypnosis training program also includes audio to help improve sleep, confidence, abundance, and so much more. Nadeen founded the North American Dental Hypnosis Association in 2015. Teaching for multiple years at the largest dental conference in North America; The Greater New York Dental Meeting has allowed her to train hundreds of dentists from all over the world. Her mission is to create comfort and peace in the dental chair. Nadeen has developed a series of self-hypnosis programs to apply before and in the dental chair. Benefiting both the patient and dentist, thus creating more compliance, shortening the procedure, and saving time for everyone. Nadeen specializes in working with people to help them manage pain from surgeries, injuries, cancer, and long-term suffering of any kind. She certifies and trains people from all over the world to become hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners. She believes that anyone can learn the skill set of being a hypnotist; she teaches you the skill of tapping into your powerful healing abilities. Nadeen is at the top of her field, making her a world authority on hypnotism.

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