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Jo Moon

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How I Do Successful Sports Psychology Sessions!


Jo is the first Certified Medical Support-Clinical Hypnotist in the state of Missouri and completed training as an Integrative Life Coach. She is actively in private practice in Springfield, Missouri. Jo is a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America formerly located in Santa Fe, New Mexico (a state licensed and approved school) where she studied with former ACHE president Tim Simmerman and was privileged to be in classes taught by the legendary Gil Boyne. Her training included extra work in Accelerated Healing and Pain Control. She is certified through the ICBCH and C-NLPS and is an ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor.

A new addition to her practice is the Evolution Intervention (EI). This is a process that creates major life changes for clients wishing to clear chronic problems that have repeatedly sabotaged their life. Executives, professional, and top tier athletes are making career changing advances using EI.

In 2014, Jo completed training in Creative-NLPS™. Creative NLP Solutions uses a synthesis of techniques and concepts derived from Neural Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching to anchor and rapidly assist individuals in converting limiting beliefs, bad habits, and negative behaviors into positive ways of being. C-NLPS is the brainchild of Patrick Singleton of InnerMind Sourcing™.

In 2018 Jo’s was certified by the North American Academy of Hypnosis in the Guzzo Protocol. This Smoking Cessation Specialist training takes Quit Smoking to a whole new level. With over 9,000 successful client stops, the Guzzo Protocol has a 90% to 95% success ratio. in just one session with Lifetime Support.

Since graduating from the Academy, Jo has also received certification to teach classes in relaxed, comfortable childbirth from Dr. Nathalie Fiset the developer of Hypno-Beginning.

In 2008, Jo received certification as a Sports Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists after studying with Bob Reese formerly a trainer with the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. She now teaches sports hypnosis techniques to other hypnotists globally.

During the summer of 2010, Jo was privaledged to study Client Centered Parts Mediation and Regression with author and teacher, Roy Hunter. Roy is the author of The Art of Hypnotherapy, The Art of Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution. If your wish to read more about “parts”, Roy has several excellent articles on his Parts Therapy Homepage.

Additional certifications she holds include the American Hypnosis Association’s: Smoking Cessation Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Hypnosis and ADD, and Integrative Life Coach.

Jo’s interest in hypnosis began in childhood after her mother and brother both received sessions from the local dermatologist for severe cases of plantar warts. (The warts all dropped off about a week after their sessions).

In the early 80’s, Jo participated in numerous hypnosis sessions both as a subject and as an observer. With no formal training, she set out on her own experimenting with family members and friends. She read extensively – particular the works of Brian Weiss. At this time, she learned there was a lot she had not learned.

Career and life continued and Jo started to seriously study hypnosis in the late 90’s. It wasn’t until life changed due to a serious illness that Jo decided to change careers and formerly study the techniques that assisted her in her own recovery. While spending weeks in the hospital, Jo researched and found the hypnotherapy school of her choice. She was less than 30 days out of the hospital when she began hypnotherapy training.

Jo continues studying, training, and teaching by attending local and regional courses while actively working full-time in the field of hypnosis. She has taught self-hypnosis at local colleges and is a speaker at international conferences. Her office is in Springfield, Missouri where she meets with clients locally and she has an active on-line practice meeting with clients from around the world.

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