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Jeff Benink



Contact Info:

(+31) 630016110


Working with Gen Z, the Largest Generation 27%


After his school days, Jeff started working as an entertainment and sound engineer. After working for a small rental company, he started touring the world with bands and artists. During the winter months, he worked at sales fairs in Germany where a hypnotist was one of the acts. This is where his hypnosis journey started. After reading some books, it stayed on his mind until he had a accident in a theater and needed to change his profession. He saw a advertisement for the School of Hypnosis and started his 4 years educational journey. After starting his practice, he never stopped learning and teaching others. For over 12 years, Jeff travels all over the world to talk and give seminars and has worked as a clinical and stage hypnotist. He's done research on Parkinson's and works with little kids that are not able to communicate and youth that are having mental issues.

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