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Dale Wittick CPCU

United States


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Stage Hypnosis Insurance, Risk, and Liability


Dale Wittick CPCU, owner of PEEP Insurance, has earned an MIS degree in computer coding and a Bachelor Degree in Risk Management. He has also earned a Certified Property Casualty Underwriter designation.

He has been in the insurance industry for 33 years. Twenty-two years with Willis Towers Watson (WTW) in their commercial middle market ($100K+ premium companies) and large accounts division ($250K+ premium corporations).

In 2005, Dale became the broker for NAME and created the first internet paperless insurance application, with a credit card processor, for the entertainer industry. Dale left Willis in 2015 to create PEEP Insurance to pursue a specialization in entertainer insurance. PEEP will have ten entertainer and event professional association clients in 2023, each offering performer insurance as a member benefit. PEEP has written over 5,000 policies since inception.

In July 2021 Dale agreed to work with Philadelphia Insurance Company in underwriting their entire Stage Hypnotist book. The project was to identify those stage hypnotists that did not align the insurance company’s requirements. The success of that project has kept the insurance costs at $235 and has generated zero claims from stage hypnotists.

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