Shelly Wahlstrom

Join “The Amino Acid Lady & Hypnotherapist” and learn how to Feed Your Brain – Change Your Life for you and your clients. Beat the struggles of addiction, cravings, anxiety, depression, & weight gain. Learn how to Increase your Energy, Focus, Happiness, Sleep, & Peace simply, quickly, & effectively through Amino Acids, Nutrition & Hypnotherapy. AND, add this to your practice to increase your income substantially!


BIO – Shelly Jo Wahlstrom, CHT, CRNC – “The Amino Acid Lady & Hypnotherapist” –  is a passionate & dedicated Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Addiction Recovery & Mental Health Nutrition Coach,  Amino Acid Therapy specialist; Owner of Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos Nutrition. Voted – Top 25 Coolest Things Made in Utah, The Best of Northern Utah 2019 Standard Examiners Reader’s Choice,  Best Natural Products & Best of 2019 Roy Hypnotherapy Service. Her wholesale program, Hypno Aminos Team, trains practioners to add amino acids & nutrition  to their practice. Shelly Jo helps people. She is passionate to share what she’s learned through her own life experience. Her daughter is in recovery for addiction (drugs & alcohol). Her daughter has struggled with anxiety since age six. Shelly has struggled with weight since she was 18. She also has several family members who struggle with anxiety & depression.  Through her journey to find answers to help those she loves, she found powerful tools that work. With these amazing tools she has seen many miracles in herself, those she loves and her clients. This is why Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos was created. Married 34 years, she enjoys life with 3 beautiful daughters, son-in-law & 2 adorable granddaughters, calling her Grama Shelly. She works with children to adults increase health, confidence, self-esteem – balance brain, nourish body & clear thoughts/emotions. These tools are remarkable. The transformations she has seen are incredible. She has a faith believe in what she has learned and it is her mission to share these with you, as she has with 1,000’s of others. If you’re willing to be accountable to yourself & these tools, you will change your life.. Hope & Answers come simply. Life Matters! YOU Matter