Sharron Magyar is a visionary artist and consulting hypnotherapist who helps people to identify soul wounds that have them stuck in life. Her art as well as writing reach to the core of the self, providing a path to wholeness. She is the owner of Golden Heart Hypnosis and director of Golden Heart School of Hypnosis. Sharron’s published books are “My Golden Heart: Putting the Pieces Back Together Again” and “Fifty Shades of Grief book & workbook.”

Fifty Shades of Grief

New Model of Grief for both the grieving and hypnotherapist.

Having experienced grief from both sides-as a hypnotist and experiencing her own personal loss of daughter and two grandsons-Sharron teaches this class with deep insight about the truth of loss, love and healing. Through stories, research, life tips as well creative hypnosis scripts for grief, Sharron offers a unique guide to an experience we all must personally face and working with clients.

In this Class you will learn:

· What is Grief

· 3 types of Grief

· The energy of Grief

· Gender differences in processing grief

· What to say to someone grieving?

· How to support your loved ones and yourself through grief.

· What your clients can do for themselves to assist their integration of grief.

· Techniques to assist closure of grief with your clients through hypnosis.

If time allows a brief hypnosis demonstration will be presented on grief.

You will receive

· Two hypnosis grief scripts.

· Handout of three types of grief.