Dr. Mike Lips


Counseling Hypnotism

Integrating Consulting Hypnotism and Client-Centered (Rogerian) Counseling Techniques

Attendees will practice using the Counselor Attitudes of Genuineness, Unconditional Positive Regard and Empathic Understanding on each other.

[1] Participants will be able to name the Two Phases of an Effective Client-Centered Counseling Relationship

 [2] Participants will be able to Describe and Put into practice the Three Phase One Counselor       Attitudes that make for a more effective Client-Centered [Rogerian] Consulting Hypnotist.

[3] Participants will be able to Integrate Phase One Counselor Attitudes with Phase Two       Consulting Hypnotism, putting into practice Client-Centered (Counseling) Hypnotism.

[4] This Seminar will give attendees the skills they will need to be more effective as Consulting Hypnotists.



-Power Point Lecture

-Q & A

-Practice Answering Objections to the Use of Hypnosis

ProgramDescription: In the last 31 years of practicing Consulting Hypnotism I have found that most objections to hypnosis comes from Evangelical Christians who believe, like me, that the Bible is inerrant [without error]. If the Bible, especially the King James Version [KJV], says it, it must be true.


My seminar will show the participants how to counter Evangelical Objections by doing what is called an “Exegesis,” which comes from the Greek exegeisthai, which means to “interpret,” “to draw out or explain” verses or passages of Scripture.


Using the above method, participants will be able to counter any Evangelical Christian objection.

BehavioralLearning: 1. Participants will learn how to use the King James Versian of the Bible, used by Evangelical Christians to Counter their belief Hypnosis is Demonic.

  1. Participants will be able to define “Exegesis.”
  2. Participants will be able to put into practice what they’ve learned by doing an “Exegesis.”
  3. Participants will be able to explain the “Exegesis,” using the same Bible and same verses, claimed to be demonic by Evangelicals.
  4. Participants will practice using the KJV and bible verses to counter objections.



Become A Certified Temperament Counselor

An Introductory Course To Integrating Consulting Hypnotism and the Arno Profile System [APS], Giving You A Better Client Understanding, From a Christian 


ProgramDescription: Temperament is inborn, giving to us by our Creator God. It determines how we react to people, places, and things. It’s how we interact with our environments and the world around us. It’s also the determining factor of how we handle the stresses and pressures of life.


The Arno Profile System [APS] will give you a better client understanding that you need to be more successful as a Consulting Hypnotist, from a Christian perspective.

BehavioralLearning: Participants will be abler to:


-Define the meaning of Temperament and why it’s so important.

-Name the 5 Temperaments Types and the 3 Areas of Temperament Needs.

-Identify Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses.