Stress Management Course


Stress Management Course

April 23, 2020

Heartland Hypnosis Conference

St. Louis , MO


Roy Cantrell has such a powerful story and experience to share in this pre-conference “Stress Management Course”, as he works with individual, Corporate clients, Private Physicians; Dentists; Surgeons; and within hospital’s without any medical degree offering hypnotism for medical issues along with the Emotional Intelligence side of conditions their respective patients, employees, and clients bring to them.

This course will also provide insight to working in the “Corporate Hypnosis” area of cost reduction to businesses within all levels of employment of upper management down to the new hire just starting their today.  They will learn methods and techniques to cut health care costs; reducing turnover; conflict resolution; better hiring practices; and train the trainer techniques for in-house use.

With 60 plus years of experience as a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, Certified Master Instructor, Certified Master Hypnotist, Complete Mind Therapy, Master Medical Hypnosis Certified Trainer, Certified Stress Management Coach, Dave Elman Institute Certified Trainer, along with many more certifications, this 8 hour course, April 23, 2020 from Noon to 8:30 P.M. for $279 will be a great learning experience to add to your professional practice capabilities.

Course Includes:


  • Manual
  • Scripts for use
  • Medical Research sources for reference purposes
  • Handouts
  • DVD with much materials added
  • Certificate of Training for 8 hours in Stress Management



Attendees would need to pre-register thru Heartland Hypnosis Conference and pay fees thru same for attending this course.

On the day of training: a separate room will be available thru the Holiday Inn for this training.

Various breaks will take place throughout the training and a 30 minute snack or meal break offered at your own expense.


APRIL 23, 2020

12 – 8:30