“There’s Nothing Special About Your Show”

ProgramDescription: Stage hypnotism, as it is being implemented by more and more arrivals to the profession, is an increasingly un-inspiring entertainment medium, with more and more performers simply modeling what they see others doing. As a result, competition is being based mostly on price, and that’s driving down prices for many performers. There is a solution, that will help you make more money and enjoy your work more, and I’ll share it with you in this presentation.

BehavioralLearning: -Acquire a basic economic model for the stage hypnotism marketplace as it currently exists.

-Evaluate whether you fit into this model or not.

-Assess your potential to increase profitability through creation of a unique selling proposition for your potential buyers.

Biographical: Paul Ramsay has been a practicing stage hypnotist since 2004. While he performs for a variety of venues and client segments, Paul mostly performs in the college market. In 2011, Paul debuted, “Mind Games,” the world’s first truly interactive stage hypnotism show that used audience polling software. It launched his brand and his bookings to new levels.