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Pain Management

100 Million Americans Suffer From Pain

Hypnosis Relieves Pain and Suffering

You are a Hypnotist

Cash in on this Billion Dollar Industry


Become a Certified Pain Manager

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can take the hurt out of pain. Hypnosis – for pain management – is an amazing tool that, when used, produces measurable results in pain relief. The reason for this phenomenon of success is explained in research done at such universities as Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. The success is in the ability of suggestions to bypass the cortex, the thinking and reasoning part of the brain, and go directly to the limbic, endocrine system of the brain. The limbic system is that part of the brain that deals with fear, memory, homeostasis (maintaining a baseline for the body), and stress. What was unknown, until recently, is that the limbic system takes its orders through perceptions given to it by the cortex but, even more, astounding is that the suggestions can go directly to the limbic system from external sources and suggestions. Hypnosis is the most dramatic of the external sources.

What You Will Learn in this training
Here’s what you will be able to do after attending this certification class and become certified:

  • Discuss the pain brain connection

  • Debate the role of depth in determining hypnotic success

  • Develop session structure for pain and other issues

  • Demonstrate and practice five pain management inductions

  • Examine the adverse effects of pain

  • Examine the role of resistance and sabotage

  • Design a magic use of convincers or not

  • Describe hypnosis as putting the imagination to work

  • Discuss the unique art of scriptwriting

  • Watch video back pain interview and induction followed by an interactive treasure hunt

  • Discuss 4 case presentations

  • Discuss the heart of the interview

  • Use mindfulness techniques for induction and comfort creation

  • Explore the relationship of stress to chronic pain

  • Examine the use of Glove analgesia

  • Construct a profitable business

Ron Eslinger

Get Your Certification at the  Heartland Hypnosis Conference!

Who Should Attend?

Hypnotists who are interested in the science of hypnosis and learning how to design and develop a profitable hypnosis pain management practice. 


What’s the Agenda for this Certification Class?
This class will consist of two days, as follows:

  • Modu1e 1

    • Certification process

    • The foundation for hypnosis in pain management with video – Lecture, Pain Brain Connection and the role of depth during hypnosis for pain management

    • Q & A

  • Modu1e 2

    • Client multi-technique video

    • Q & A

  • Modu1e 3

    • The adverse effects of chronic pain.

    • Overcoming resistance and self-sabotage

    • Q & A

  • Modu1e 4

    • A magic use of convincers and using hypnosis to put the imagination to work in multi-levels of pain management

    • Q & A

  • Modu1e 5

    • The art of scriptwriting with Practicum

    • Q&A

  • Modu1e 6

    • 4-case presentations and practice techniques from the interview

  • Modu1e 7

    • Mindfulness techniques in the relief of stress and pain & glove analgesia

  • Modu1e 8

    • Designing, developing, and marketing your hypnosis business to cover all issues.

    • Closing Q&A

Materials Provided:

  1. A turn-key 4-session program

  2. 5th edition PowerPoint presentation slides

  3. Resource materials valued at over $3000

  4. 100's of scripts, books, and articles

  5. Home study exam for Hypnosis Pain Management Certification from the American School for Clinical Hypnosis, International

  6. Nurse continuing professional development credits

  7. NGH continuing education credits

BONUS Material Included With Course:

  1.  Phantom Limb Neuropathic and Somatic Pain – four live client sessions on video

  2.  Rib Pain, a live session of psychogenic pain – two client sessions on video

  3.  Shingles, a live session of neuropathic pain – three client sessions on video

  4.  Preparing a Client for EMG – one client session on video

  5.  Pain management MP3 audio download for personal use

  6.  Freedom from pain MP3 session download for personal pain management

  7.  eBook Your Business a Blueprint for Success

  8.  eBook Everyday I Am Better and Better by Émile Coué

  9.  eBook James Esdaile's journal Mesmerism in India


"Mr. Eslinger's wealth of information shared in this class is greatly appreciated. Not only did the instructor teach, he allowed the class to be interactive and lots of information was shared. Great class!" - John Barboza

"All you need to know about pain and how to turn that pain into comfort. Take this course if you want to be a professional and successful hypnotist." - Skye Winslow

"This course was chock full of information that served to open a new door for me to walk through in my practice. I left the course with wheels turning, full of ideas and resources for further study." - Deborah Quigley


"Amazing presenter! Information presented was detailed and of excellent quality. I look forward to helping clients improve their functionality! If you take this course, pain will not intimidate you." - MaryAnn Simmons, RN, BSN


"I completely enjoyed the class. I learned so much. I appreciate how generous Ron Eslinger has been with his knowledge over the last two days." - Laura Gaines

"This course is one of the most interesting classes that I have ever taken.   Ron is very passionate about what he does and experienced. His knowledge and method of teaching is presented in ways that will be useful. I like that we were given a CD filled with information from the course and much, much more. Thank you, I am most appreciative." - Mary Jane Spater

Who is Ron Eslinger?

Ron Eslinger, CAPT, USN, NC, Retired, RN, CRNA, MA, FNGH, CMI, OB is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Master Instructor, Fellow National Guild of Hypnotists, and Order of Braid through the NGH. He graduated from nursing school in 1970, Nurse Anesthetists training in 1974 at the University of Tennessee, BS degree in Professional Arts from Saint Joseph College in Standish, ME. His master’s degree is from the Naval War College, Newport, RI, in National Security and Strategic Studies. Ron took his first hypnotism workshop in 1978. Ron is the owner and CEO of Healthy Visions - American School of Clinical Hypnosis, International, Clinton, TN. He is president of the American Association of Moderate Sedation Nurses and the director of Healthy Visions Training for nursing continuing professional development. Ron’s NGH awards include: Instructor of the Year 2003, Researcher of the Year 2003, Ormond McGill Chair 2004, Order of Braid 2005, Lifetime Achievement 2007, Hallmark Award 2008, Charles Tebbetts Award 2012, and the Rexford L. North Memorial Trophy 2014.

The Schedule

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 and Thursday, April 28, 2022
Class starts at 9 a.m. each day.

You receive much more than you paid for!

Your Investment in Yourself - Tuition: $400

MyCEcredit is an approved provider  of nursing continuing professional development by the Alabama State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation Code # 5-133. 


CE Credits awarded by MyCEcredit a Ron Eslinger Company

This course is approved for 16 Nurse CE Credits, 16 Class A Nurse Anesthesia CE Credits, and 18 NGH CE Credits. 


Get Your Certification at the  Heartland Hypnosis Conference!

Pain Management Certification
Pain Management Certification
Apr 27, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT – Apr 28, 2022, 5:00 PM CDT
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