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Olfactory Induction Technique Certification

The OIT method has been developed by Sandra Grace and John Launius because every scent we encounter has the power to evoke cherished memories, stir deep emotions, and bring us to a state of profound presence. When accessing the olfactory sense to deepen trance state, your client becomes more fully present in the healing process. In this course you will experience several pleasurable inductions as you learn to confidently take OIT home to your clients. As fellow hypnotists, John and Sandra will expand your opportunities to magnify your market and your success. Make more money, have more fun and assist more clients with your OIT Certification.

Early Bird Price $300
Register by April 22, 2024


Sandra Grace

As a teacher since 1992, Sandra has owned and consulted for Institutes and Clinics since 2005. Due to her diverse education and experiences, Sandra is certified in and has trained hypnotists, massage therapists, Integrative coaches, reiki practitioners, reflexologists, aromatherapists, sales associates, speakers, and many additional modalities. She excels in classroom, corporate training & client settings. Her current passion is assisting entrepreneurs to manage their energy to grow their business.


John  Launius

John Launius is a Consulting Hypnotist (CH), and the CEO of Shihan Wellness. He is an Organizational Culture Consultant, fostering positive work environments. As a Peak Performance Facilitator, John empowers individuals and teams to achieve their highest levels of success. John holds the prestigious title of “Koumoto” (Master of Ceremonies) in the Japanese tradition of incense appreciation, showcasing his commitment to cultural understanding and distinctions of personal mastery and leadership.

Olfactory Induction Technique Certification
Olfactory Induction Technique Certification
Apr 29, 2024, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CDT
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