Mitch Nielsen

Lucid Dreaming: Opening the Bird’s Cage

What would you do if you could control your dreams? Lucid dreaming is the next level of dreaming, allowing you to explore your inner workings on a deeper level. Whether it is to face your fears, live your fantasies, or discover more about yourself, learn simple, practical techniques to start you on your journey. We’ll discuss lucid dreaming best practices, methods, variations, aids and uses.

Review historic examples of lucid dreaming and outline current trends for personal growth and awareness Discuss basic practices for establishing a lucid dreaming system Explore ways to distinguish between reality, dreaming and lucid dreaming through testing Learn three lucid dreaming techniques Discuss ways to dream ‘better’ and retain the knowledge and information from the dream state List different pitfalls to avoid and how they may be specific to different dreaming demographics Review additional supplement options that can enhance lucid dreaming Develop a personal plan for dream augmentation, capture and learning

Mitch Nielsen has been practicing hypnosis since his early 20s, years later becoming a certified hypnotist and instructor. He has been active in the field over 12 year, speaking and coordinating therapists around the globe. Mitch translates historic texts from academia to practice, and delves into the mind and how it works from scientific, physical and metaphysical perspectives.