Is your practice stuck because you have so many questions, and no one to ask? Do you feel like you’re working in a vacuum because you’re lacking experience and support? If so, join us to learn:

PEER TO PEER HYPNOTIST MENTORING:  How to Leverage the Power of a Group to Grow Your Business

During this presentation Michele Burghardt, C.Ht and William Mitchell BCH, CI will discuss the power behind the psychology of group learning, and present four strategies for growing your business with the help of group dynamics.

We’ll examine networking and mentoring, as well as mastermind and peer groups so you can understand which format will provide you with the foundation and collaboration which will best enhance  the skills you need to grow your business.

You’ll leave with an understanding of how this knowledge sharing works, and how you can use it to your best advantage to make your practice profitable.


Michele Burghardt holds certifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, and coaching. She has over seven years of experience building a hypnosis practice, and currently has offices in Creve Coeur, MO and Columbia, IL. She specializes in weight loss, business success mindset, and women’s intimacy. As a long-term entrepreneur she is also a published author and successful speaker in the St. Louis area.