Mary Scalise Becker


Confidently Work with Families Affected by Cancer: An Insider’s Perspective

1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before they turn twenty and it’s very likely you will be asked to work with these patients and their families in your career. If you’ve got sympathy and empathy coming out of your pores but no experience or idea what these clients are going through, this presentation will give you the tools to deeply understand and connect quickly with your clients. Become a beacon of hope as you help them move through immense fear, guilt, and confusion and toward an inner peace and faith in themselves.

Will Session(s) Be Interactive?: Yes, some question and answer between me and the audience.

Behavioural Learning Objectives: Deeper understanding of how the family system and cancer patients are affected by the diagnosis and treatment, practically and emotionally.

Suspend and release judgement if any on the topic
Practical use of hypnosis for treatment, infection, inner strength, etc
Sources include my own personal journey as a mother of a survivor and a daughter that lost a loved one, as well as the communities at large (that I’m involved with) of families affected by a diagnosis.

BIO-I help people find their fastest path to peace through hypnosis. Clear pain from this life or a past life, upgrade your consciousness, experience clarity, and receive wisdom from your soul.

Mary has a Bachelor degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas, is Level 2 trained in Usui Reiki, and taught yoga in elementary schools and studios in Los Angeles. Watching her father pass from cancer and 5 months later tending to her son while he too fought cancer, she realized it was time to begin helping others heal in an even deeper way. Now certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Mary is passionate about facilitating her client’s awareness of their own strengths and inner wisdom, while clearing the cobwebs off their heart, making life easier and full of love and peace.