Lois Hermann

Lois Hermann, is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Hypnosis Instructor, and NLP Trainer with decades of experience in EFT, Spirit Release Training, and other advanced hypnosis techniques. A multi-registered medical professional, Lois has extensive experience in corporate leadership and education. She enjoys coaching via sessions, seminars, presentations and shows. A published author of several hypnosis inspired books, Lois regularly shares insightful articles and blogs. She is passionate about empowering clients to release the pain of the past, embrace the gift of the present, and achieve their goals to create lasting success.


Lois will be hosting several presentations at HEARTLAND2020


Inspiring Hope with Hypnosis

Enhancing Health and Happiness with a Roadmap for Hope. 

With our world in crisis, many people have given up hope, and are ensconced in negativity. Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients shift their energy to the positive so they can raise their vibrational energy and receive answers to life’s challenges. As physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beings, clients discover ways to align themselves, establishing a state of balance. Learn how to assist clients on their discovery journey, to inspire them with hope, so they can embrace their full potential, and achieve a happier, healthier life. As clients clear the negative energy and maintain the positive, they discover hope.

Behavioral Learning: Objectives: 

  1. Participants will identify three ways to inspire hope with their clients.
  2. Participants will        describe how to work within the client’s belief systems.


 Shift Your Client’s Energy for Profound Change 

– Auric Energy Alignment with Hypnosis 

We are energetic beings. Negative experiences and emotions create imbalances in our energy fields. Many clients are stuck in negativity and benefit from releasing draining energy, freeing them to embrace change. Hypnotists are uniquely positioned to help clients clear the negative from their auric energy. Lois Hermann has been hugely successful in assisting clients to breakthrough at powerful levels, guiding them to tap into their inner wisdom for lasting change. Learn how she works within their belief system, helping to clear negative thoughts, energies and more. Clients create profound shifts and permanent change for a healthy, positive, and inspired life.

Behavioral Learning: Objectives:

  1. Participants will define the importance of the intake process. 
  2. Participants will describe differences in negative energy influencers. 
  3. Participants will experience an example of the Auric Energy Clearing process. 
  4. Participants will explain the most important action to take for permanent change.


Grow a Profitable Hypnosis Business without Expensive Advertising 


 Book Your Schedule Solid with Powerful Business Strategies

What if you could grow a solid hypnosis business without expensive advertising? Would you like to have the confidence of knowing your schedule is booked more than a month in advance? Board Certified Hypnotist, Lois Hermann is regularly booked months out with a waiting list of eager clients. As we use the power of the mind to help business professionals, we naturally grow our business. Learn powerful secrets from Lois’ 40 years in business and more than 20 years in hypnosis to become a recognized expert in your community. Confidently connect with others to fill your schedule with paying clients.

BehavioralLearning: Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify three professional business strategies to build their practice.

2. Participants will describe how to present themselves professionally.