1. Hypnosis at the End of Life

2. Transitional Detachment

I plan on doing a preset hypnosis session with Transitional Detachment


1. Audience will be able to list the 5 stages of grieving and loss.

2. Audience will be able to identify and use proper hypnotic techniques with clients at the end of life and grieving clients.

3. Audience will be able to use Transitional Detachment with any client having issues with moving forward from loss.

4. Audience will have the tools to work with anyone dealing with grief, loss or moving forward from loss.


Lisa is a National speaker and presenter on End of Life Care and Transitional Detachment. She has spoken at NGH, Hypno Biz, IHF and at Heartland. She is a RN with over 26 years experience in the field of Death and Dying. She has a MS in Administration and is a master level hypnotist and a certified instructor with IHF and ICBCH.