Linda Lee Plank-Morgan, BCH, CI
NGH/ICBCH Board Certified Healthcare Support Hypnotist & Instructor; Mindful Living and HOPE Coach

“Use Neuroscience to Be Who You Are Not What You’ve Been!”

Whether it’s assisting our client to: hop off the sugar train, break free from anxiety, stop procrastination, or simply feel
better about themselves, we are ultimately emancipating the present Adult in the chair from the identity, influence, coping
strategies and/or defense mechanisms developed in the past. While the traditional “heal the child approach” is tested,
tried and true, what about the client that resists, fears or even resents “going backwards” to fix today’s issues? Does the
inner child approach work for every situation or every client?
In this introduction class, you will learn how to arm the PRESENT ADULT in the chair with a toolbox designed to serve
them immediately at their moment of critical choice. You will actually experience and learn this new approach through the
perspective of the client!
This neuroscience approach has been proven to create awareness, to strengthen esteem, and free the present adult to
override memory and it’s wired-in thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behavior patterns so they can finally choose wisely at their
moment of critical choice.
You can quickly and confidently teach your client to identify the “voice of the past” and the default settings wired into it
without ever having to “go there”.


Here’s what we will discuss:

 The needs and expectations of the egocentric child
 How memory is created and the layers that influence behaviors
 How present identities are born in the past
 The bond between memory and the hardwires for survival and belonging
 The Emotional Triune of the Brain
 The Anxiety spin and how to stop it instantly
 Ways to identify the active memories at work in the present
 Mindfulness tools and neural interrupt devices for rewiring
 Hypnotic techniques to empower the Adult

Linda Lee Plank-Morgan is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor with the
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and the International Certification Board of Clinical
Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) and carries the moniker “Healthcare Support Hypnotist”. If she
isn’t at Johns Hopkins or any of the Washington DC and southern Maryland hospitals
assisting clients with cancer or dire illness she is busy working with individuals, couples,
and families in her private Huntingtown, MD practice, Envision Hypnosis of Southern
Maryland, LLC. Her favorite chair side work has given birth to several programs: “Free Your
Inner Adult”, “The Envision Yourself Healthy Weight Loss Protocol” (Linda Lee has shed
86# with hypnosis!) and “Envision Yourself Anxiety-Free”. She is currently writing online
certification programs for fellow hypnotists.
As Mindful Living Coach, and Instructor, she opened the Envision Mindfulness Center
in 2018 to work with schools, businesses, organizations, support groups, etc. using
Mindfulness to: empower the self-belief systems; provide tools for coping, self-regulation,
and to reduce anxiety; neuroplasticity techniques to re-wire behavior patterns; achieving
peak performance; create resilience and grit; and identifying and changing the mindsets
that block personal and professional success.
Optional Information:
In 2014, Linda Lee decided to leave her long career as an educator of k-12 deaf and
special needs children and nursing assistant to enter the field of hypnosis full-time at 55
years of age! Linda Lee sees every person as her teacher.
Linda Lee is a consummate learner. Her education began in Theology, Counseling
and Deaf Studies, where she became a circuit-minister for the deaf and hearing impaired in
all 5 New York Burroughs and still holds a ministerial license to officiate weddings. As a
CODA, child of deaf adult, she has been a Sign Language interpreter for nearly 45 years.
She nearly finished a nursing degree but settled into her role in education. Linda Lee
continues her education in several Mindfulness programs and still dreams of a degree in
She is a mentor for the high school and newly certified hypnotists. She loves photography
and being near, on and in water! A mother of three daughters and grandmother of 7!
She believes it is never too early or too late to change the course of your life.