“Healing with The Power of Your Mind”

Through Self Hypnosis and Guided Meditation, live and feel the way you want to. Use the power of your mind to iradicate pain and release suffering. Techniques will be shared to empower you to have what you want.

Processes and information will be shared that will be best utilizing the better part of two hours. We will lead guided meditation and self hypnosis and short video clip. Folks will leave having been inspired with new and unique processes in their tool box.

Enhanced techniques of relaxation and self Hypnosis will be gained as well as Body Space Meditation and new self Awareness and short self hypnosis /meditation pieces that can be included any where anytime in addition to a longer practice that may be inspired and acquired.


Hypnosis and Past Life Regression:

the point of this workshop teach age regression and have an impact on those attending as well as give them useful tools a piece to take with them into their professional client relationship. It also is to touch and source initial life experience through age regression that still may have impact a subjects life today. Sourcing this important piece will assist in releasing its impact today and we will share how to do this with clients. Experiencial. is what this presentation will be.

Behavioral learning objectives are to demonstrate the process of past life sourcing of IED and share with participants how and why this is useful for clearing current issues in a persons life and clear them. Calvin Banyan, Melissa Tiers, Roy Hunter, Randi Light Will Horton, Don Mottin and others are sources of/for my training.


Ken-Adi Ring CH, CI, LMT; member: IACT & NGH; Hypnotherapist since 2003 and Certified Instructor, CI since 2010 Owner/CEO Tri-Unity Wellife Associates, Ring is certified yoga/meditation instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor, in practice since 1974. Trained and Taught Yoga and Meditation starting with Kundalini, Hatha Yogas Certified, (1984) and Meditation with the Himalayan Institute, IL and in Madison, more recently with Tergar Community, Buddhist teachings Mingyur Rinpoche and others; produced and taught in over 40 years of events including 20 annual Mother Earth Gatherings, Speakers such as Dr Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson , Wayne Dyer PhD and more