Marketing 101 – How to generate leads and turn them into customer

This is basic marketing principles for today’s market. Marketing today is vastly different than it was 10 years ago, and it is ever changing. My goal is to teach the attendees of the conference how to generate leads, how to turn interest, and how to get more bookings.

I am going to show everyone how to setup a proper Facebook marketing campaign. How to reach customers on their fan page, their social media accounts, their website, and how to re-market to customers who may not have purchased on their initial interaction.

I am also going to talk with the attendees about the importance of making a phone call to their client. Just because we are in the digital age doesn’t mean a good old fashion shouldn’t be made.

I have only been on stage for a few short years, however in that time I have pushed myself to become a major contender in the Stage Hypnosis market. I am performing 60-75 show per year and eager to grow that number.

My success has come from my background in sales. I know how to sell myself to the client. This is what I would like to share with the attendees of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.