1. Metaphor Magic (Creating and Telling Stories that Trance-Form Lives)

Throughout history great leaders, teachers, communicators, and therapists have used stories, metaphors, and parables to convey their messages. In the twentieth century Milton H. Erickson, M.D., continually demonstrated how metaphors can be used to produce seemingly miraculous transformations in client’s lives. This workshop offers those hypnotists who want to communicate even more effectively a clear model of, first identifying transformative stories and, then, presenting them, so as to promote almost magical results. Thus, instead of saying, “That was a great hypnosis session,” clients will say, “Thanks—you changed my life!”


Joe Craig is certified as a Hypnotist by the ABH and earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy from APU. Having dedicated his life to guiding people to transform their lives for more than twenty years, “Dr. Joe” has hypnotized tens of thousands, helping them to become permanently tobacco-free, to release weight, and to manage stress more effectively. An exciting speaker, “Dr. Joe” makes instruction enjoyable as well as meaningful. In fact, the participants in a recent hypnotherapy certification class gave him a pin naming him, “Dr. Joe, The World’s Greatest Hypnotherapy Instructor.” If you do need any thing else, please contact me at either 314-378-1425, 618-624-3322, or