Jennifer Norris-Nielsen

CH, BCH, CI (National Guild of Hypnotists) BComm (McGill University) MSc (University of Strathclyde) MGC (James Cook University)

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen  loves to explore and understand the deeper power of the mind – and to share that insight with clients, students and groups interested in discovering untapped resources available in the subconscious. As a hypnotist in practice for 17 years, instructor, counselor, trainer, speaker and author of several books, Jennifer translates the language of our deeper selves in clear and simple ways to support learning, positive change and personal transformation.

Dynamic Metaphor Creation: Develop Skills to Help Your Clients Change Their Own Stories!

Once upon a time, there was a client who needed your support… How is this tale going to end? Humans are natural storytellers, so discovering and honing your skills at listening to and creating metaphors for your clients is valuable to the change process and to deeply understand our clients’ needs. Even if you don’t feel you’re a storyteller right now, there are simple exercises that can increase your capability and confidence in using metaphors therapeutically, in your business and your daily life.

The Chair: Anger, Shame, Grief and Insight for Clients with Imaginative Chair Therapy The Gestalt classic

“Empty Chair”, gets a powerful upgrade with the power of hypnosis. Imaginative Chair Therapy (ICT) provides a firm foundation from which to explore internal, emotional struggles, as well as uncover personal strengths. ICT can deal with relationships in the past/present, understand & let go of shame, work through the grief process, & resource internal options and assess external support. So many tools from one technique – a valuable all-in-one for your practice.