How can hypnotist use brainwaves?

Have you ever had a client that does not believe they were hypnotize? You got eye lock, arm catalepsy, number block, etc, Well the time has come where technology can now show EEG (brainwaves) of your clients while hypnotized and in meditation.  Learn how to use this piece of equipment in minutes, Learn how to make money showing people their brainwaves,  add another tool to your hypnotic tool box.

Learn about the 4 major brain waves and what is happening at each level Learn to use an EEG as a self hypnosis/meditation tool Identify when your client was in hypnosis Be able to show your clients they were in hypnosis  Explain how to run a session from beginning to end


Three inductions every hypnotist should know

Three inductions you can do anywhere with anyone.  So you introduced yourself as a hypnotist.   They now want you to hypnotize them, but a long progressive relaxation is out, Now what?  Come learn and practice three inductions that will make you look like a rock star. No arm pulling here.  These are not your traditional rapid or instant inductions but fall under the category.