Eileen Wolf MSc, MH, LMT


Full Field Healing:

Hypnosis as the keystone in a program that offers multilevel healing for clients. Although self-help and coaching programs dominate our culture, few offer the transformative power of hypnosis. Habit creation, mantra recitation, and meditation stop short of the deep, subconscious work available through facilitated hypnosis. But, by adding hypnosis to the mix, clients experience profound shifts through this deep work. Research indicates that hypnosis is a power tool for change, allowing clients to shift unhealthy or toxic subconscious programming at the core level. Research also continues to expand the idea that everything is energy, including us and our historic behavior patterns. The science behind energy medicine gains ground every day. Using these complementary strategies has provided results that speak for themselves. Full Field Healing refers to using each of these modalities concurrently. By working through a series of steps, combining the use of hypnosis to remove dominant negative emotions and limiting beliefs with Reiki, energy work, and coaching, clients experience core-level shifts.

In my proposed presentation, I will discuss the combination of hypnosis and energy work with coaching. I’ll begin by discussing some of the research regarding hypnosis, energy work, and coaching, in terms of effectiveness when it comes to actual change. I’ll address the ways these strategies interweave to create an optimal spectrum of healing, each adding to the other, layering one upon the other, to provide compelling client results.


Eileen Wolf, MH, M.Sc, LMT is the founder of OmPowered Wellness, based in St Louis, MO. Her practice focuses on Transformational Healing. She serves as a facilitator, speaker, author, and educator. Her mission is to change the world, one heart at a time.