Dr Christopher& Jennifer Thoma


“Producing and marketing online programs that work 24/7 for you.”

How to choose a platform to deliver high quality hypnosis/educational programs and how to market them using social media.

Attendees will learn how social media is influenced by verbiage to attract a greater participation. How the proper outline and sequence can boost participation and compliance of online programs.


Pain Management within the Opioid Crisis

Techniques to deliver effective hypnosis treatments for individuals trying to reduce opioid dependence.

Attedees will learn how opioids are effecting the general populations. How hypnosis can lead to a decline in opioid use. How hypnosis can be used as an Alternative to prescription medication.


Dr. Thoma is a chiropractic physician and certified hypnosis instructor through the NGH with a patent pending for his specialized hypnosis process. He owns several business in the St. Louis area and speaks nationally to professional groups in the medical, Hypnosis, and business industries. His vast knowledge ranges from medical technology, functional neurology, holistic medicine, to business and beyond. Jennifer Thoma is an international banker certified in Hypnosis, NLP, and as a life coach life, CEO of Total Health Integrated Clinic, NeuroRedeem, and PuraWell. She brings her diverse knowledge of business, social media marketing, and automation for a unique vision to help you capitalize on your business opportunities.