Derrick Watkins

The Phenomenal and World’s Coolest Hypnotist Derrick Watkins is a master hypnotist with more than 10 years experience as a public speaker stage and street hypnotist.

As a street hypnotist, Derrick has traveled across the country demonstrating how street hypnosis can be done any where and at any time. Derrick is a certified master hypnotist, public speaker and hypnosis trainer.

Derrick’s talent is not limited to the street or stage. He has appeared on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop NYC and MTV’s TRL Show and TvOne.

Derrick has also been a quest on many radio shows.


Street Hypnosis for Hypnotherapist

Participants will learn how to hypnotize people on the street quickly and safely and turn them into high paying clients!

Participants will learn how to hypnotize people on the streets without limits?

Participants will learn the #1 Ingredient of Street Hypnosis and street hypnosis safety?

This session will be high interactive. Participants will learn and practice varies styles of street hypnosis and skits.

Participants will learn :

  • 1. How learning street hypnosis can increase your hypnosis confidence.
  • 2. how to approach anyone who you want to hypnotize.
  • 3. How to pick the right subject.
  • 4. What to do when you pick the wrong subject.
  • 5. Why safety of the volunteer is most important.