Dan Lohmeyer

Learn One of The Most Impressive Instant Inductions

Hands on training

To gain confidence that you can succeed at any instant induction. To be able to know without any shadow of doubt you can hypnotize anyone, anytime and in anyplace.


Dan Lohmeyer is a 5-year returning speaker at Heartland Hypnosis Conference. He is a comedy, street and therapeutic hypnotist (NGH Certified) from Saint Louis, Mo who has trained numerous hypnotists from all around the U.S. and Internationally on his instant induction techniques. He is one of the fastest hypnotists in the Midwest and will show you how simple it really is to be great at instant inductions. In addition to his trainings Dan has been making people laugh and overcome life’s obstacles for over 9 yrs. He has hypnotized over 10,000 people through comedy hypnosis shows, seminars, trainings, street performances and private practice. He has performed for America’s Got Talent, comedy clubs, radio shows, corporate events, colleges, and high schools. Dan Lohmeyer C.H. is the just the person you want to learn from.