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Certification in Active Tarot:
a Metaphysical Hypnotic Technique

Certification for Active Tarot:
A Metaphysical Hypnotic Technique

Here's who should attend and what you will learn:


Experienced Readers: Active Tarot will turn up the power and effectiveness of what you’re already doing.  It will also give you tools to create powerful original spreads that you can teach to others.


Complete Beginners: The Active Tarot system allows you to confidently give powerful readings while you are learning the meanings of the cards.  With Active Tarot, you can even give an effective reading without knowing a single card meaning.


Seekers of Personal Growth: Even if you never intend to give a Tarot reading, the cards can be used as powerful tools for growth and transformation.  Active Tarot makes self-improvement more focused and fun.

Misha Tuesday
The Mystic Hypnotist

Get Your Certification at the  Heartland Hypnosis Conference!

What you’ll learn:

* How to set yourself up for success before you even touch the cards

* How to do a great reading every time, even if you’ve never read Tarot before

* How to activate your intuition and inner confidence

* Ways to prime the person you’re reading for to receive the wisdom of the Tarot

* Language tricks to make any reading much more personal and understandable

* Ways to end a reading so they remember the message

* Ways to use the cards for your own personal growth and transformation


"Working with Misha absolutely changed my life!" -Lara Zielin, author and writing guru
"Absolutely amazing card pull and definitely fits my life at this time!! The message was on point and resonated completely” -Joy-Anne B.
”Wow! What a very beautiful message! I REALLY NEEDED THAT! SPOT ON! ♡♡” -Brandy L.


Get Your Certification at the  Heartland Hypnosis Conference!

Early Bird Discounts

  • Sign Up By January 15, 2022 to SAVE 28%

  • EARLY BIRD Price - $267 - Ends January 15, 2022

  • REGULAR Price - $375 - Starting January 16, 2022

Save Now
Approved Speaker Pass 2025
Approved Speaker Pass 2025
Apr 25, 2025, 8:00 AM CDT – Apr 27, 2025, 5:00 PM CDT
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