Chantelle Renee is a certified hypnotist, author of Aligning with the Divine, energy specialist and catalyst for spiritual growth and healing.

Vibrational Hypnosis-Connecting Clients to Their Energy of Purpose, Passion and Power


“This class with be demonstrational and experiential. I will demonstrate how to use energy healing techniques with clients as well as a group spiritual detox hypnotic healing session.”

Our spiritual selves give us a perspective that moves us beyond limiting beliefs, fear and self-sabotage. Learn how to connect with vibrational energy to create spiritual prosperity into your life. Using metaphors that take you beyond your limiting thinking Chantelle Renee is a catalyst in helping you connect to your soul, your sense of purpose, authentic power and passion. Expand and learn how to use energy tools and hypnotic techniques that bring true lasting transformation into you and your client’s life.