What are the “MUST ASK” questions when working with an athlete?


In order to set the scene for winning in the first session and formulate the ideal MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING PLAN for athletes, there are 7 MUST ASK brainstorming questions.

Join me to learn the what those questions are as well as five simple tools to help athletes get the MENTAL EDGE.

  •  Know how to formulate an athlete’s MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING PLAN with the 7 “must ask” questions during the intake
  • Feel confident educating any athlete why and how hypnosis works for helping them reach their peak performance



Get Athletes Through Your Doors Tomorrow with A Proven Ready-to-Go Marketing Funnel

Athletes are great clients to work with and bring in the income but how do you reach them?  I’ll show you a proven, simple system (and give you some templates) on how to reach out to coaches, teams and training facilities so that they become your raving fans.


Hypnotherapist Caryn Bird is the author of Hypnos-Niche and creator of the ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION eCourse. Caryn’s niche is working with athletes for mental toughness, confidence and peak performance. Her practice Win With Hypnosis, is located in Burlington, WI.  She teaches workshops around the world and digitally on how to successfully work with athletes using sports hypnosis. Her passion is not only helping athletes reach their peak performance, but to assist other hypnotherapists find a profitable niche to start growing their business immediately.


Biographical: Caryn Bird is an expert on niching for hypnotherapists who herself became successful after niching down as an expert in Sports and High Performance Mindset Hypnotherapy.

Caryn is the founder of the Win With Hypnosis clinic in Burlington, Wisconsin, and is the leading Peak Performance Mindset Coach in the Chicago Tri-state area. Through her Attitude of a Champion Program, Caryn helps hypnotherapists break into the lucrative sports hypnosis market to create a thriving, incredibly rewarding practice.

As the author of Hypnos-Niche – The Power of Niching for a Successful and Profitable Hypnosis Business and an accomplished speaker on the topic of niching at conferences throughout the country, Caryn brings over 15 years experience, research and development to the most effective program for creating a thriving niche hypnotherapy business.

Caryn is a mum to three boys – each high performing athletes and wife to an elite level wrestling coach. She remains astounded that it took 16 years to realize out her own hypnotherapy niche!