Audio and Video Essentials for a great stage presence.

Every time the topic of Microphones, recordings, sound systems or how to make video comes up in a training session, it always seems the that the class diverges for much longer than intended… as people want to know how to look and sound their best, whether on stage on in a recording, without breaking the bank. BP has work with simple to complex AV and production gear in TV, Theatre, Webcasting, Education, and even professional sport — and he knows how to get good results with a maximum bang for your buck. This is your chance to get a handle on what gear you need – but more importantly – what you need to DO to get effect results. This will likely be of most interest to stage hypnotists who don’t have a sound crew, or to those wanting to record podcasts, webinars or self-help session to sell or give to clients. If you’re considering moving to using microphones and headphones for office clients, you may also find this beneficial.

1. Participants will have the knowledge and skills to procure, set-up and use stage sound systems suitable for up 80 people, and to sound good doing so.

2. Participants will be able to record audio, video webcasts or seminars using affordable equipment and software with confidence that they will have a useable result.

3. Participants will be able to identify various options in the marketplace for production equipment and be confident in making selections that suit their needs at the entry to mid-market level

4. Participants will be able to access appropriate resources to continue learning more and find contractors when needed. Resources include forums, online learning, certain software packages, Fiverr/Upwork, and the communities in boht hypnosis and production.

BYRON has studied hypnosis for many years, is certified with ICBCH, and does both therapeutic and stage hypnosis. His background includes a deep understanding of arcane knowledge gathered through many years in performance, community theatre, production and technology. He’s won awards for work with community theater, is a published author, and can put a bunch of letters after his name, like CISSP, CCENT, MCITP, MCT, MCDBA, MCSE, MCSD, AVT, and C.Ht. (but most of those only matter to geeks and certification junkies).