Hypnosis and Qigong – a perfect match for a holistic healer.

BehavioralLearning: Learning to recognize emotions as energy in the body. 

Learning and practice simplified Tao meditations for releasing negative emotions and amplifying vibrancy. 

Understanding grounding, centering and energy channeling for healing and protection. 

Awareness of own emotional energy and its role in interaction with a client. 

Learning simplified Qiging principles for moving energy. 

Books:Healing Light of the Tao by Mantak Chia, Taoist Cosmic Healing by Mantak Chia.

Biographical: Anna Margolina​, Ph.D., speaker, trainer, author, certified Healing Tao Instructor, Master NLP practitioner and ​hypnotherapist. Graduated from the Russian Medical University in 1996 and earned PhD in biology in 1999. From 1997 to 2001 worked as an editor and a science writer for the Russian Cosmetics&Medicine Journal. In 2001, moved to the USA. Started NLP and Hypnosis training in 2013 with Dr. Richard Bandler to solve a personal problem – life-long stuttering. Became interested in energy healing, Tao and Qigong in 2014. Completed multiple trainings in Thailand with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. Became certified to teach basic Tao and Qigong, Iron Shirt and Healing Love in 2019. Anna Margolina believes that energy healing in hypnosis can help people achieve healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by releasing negative energy patterns and replacing them with powerful and vibrant energy patterns.