Amber Cox

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence as a solid and sellable business strategy –

Learn how incorporating EI into your business model can open more doors to build your Hypnosis practice.

Examine and explore the potential of Emotional Intelligence

✦ Be more informed about the components of EQ vs IQ.

✦ Have a framework for understanding and explaining EQ.

✦ Begin to develop your EQ capabilities.

✦ Understand how EQ, NLP and Hypnosis are linked.

✦ Learn the successful EQ abilities of different professions and jobs.

✦ Understand how EQ is essential in business.

✦ Learn to speak to corporations in terms they understand.

✦ Learn powerful coaching tools.

✦ Develop leadership qualities in clients Gain an Incredible advantage to Access to:

✦ Healthcare—where EQ training is rapidly growing— and play a role in the EQ development of hospital administration.

✦ Education—where EQ is increasingly being added to the school curriculum



Amber is a client directed change expert who’s work encompasses individuals, teams and companies to incorporate cohesive relationships and behavioral change according to goals, desires and general well-being. She is a facilitator of change, using integrative modalities and processes such as Emotional Intelligence training, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Amber also is a global presenter and trainer on Emotional Intelligence as well as leading workshops on Communication Excellence, Resiliency and How to be an Effective Leader In addition she is an expert at delivering presentations and demonstrations on the power of suggestion with regard to behavioral change in utilizing mindfulness and resilience techniques. Amber is a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has done extensive and advanced training with leaders in the area of: Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Amber has a twenty-five year background in corporate sales as well as a private Clinical Hypnotherapy practice for the past ten years.

Education & Training: University of Maine Presque Isle, Business & Accounting Casco Bay College, Accounting Emotional Intelligence Certified Trainer, Boston, MA, Las Vegas, NV Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification, Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certification, Boston, MA Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, Toronto Advanced Certifications in the field of Hypnotherapy: Pain Management, Addiction/Recovery, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Stress Reduction