Gordon Boyd

Patanjali and St. Paul Talk Turkey On Trance. A conversation between Pauline, New Testament perspectives and Yogic perspectives on trance with theoretical and practical hypnotherapeutic applications

Opportunity to receive a Yogic “Deetka” or initiation as I demonstrate the application of the principles of trance outlined by both Paul and Patanjali.

Both Patanjali and Paul discussed an inner transformation and highlighted the importance of what we, in the Western World, translate most shallowly as “mind”. Not only did they operate in a thought world uninhibited by Western Reductionism around discussions of “mind” and “consciousness,” They probably would have scratched their heads at the term “subconscious mind.” Yes, as a hypnotherapist, I understand and can speak that language. But the ancient understandings advanced by both were far richer in my understanding – and offered greater transformational power – at least in my opinion. Our time together will explore speaking with and to what Paul called “The Inner Man” and Patanjali described as “Parusa”. Western Psychology, in part at least, is willing to admit that what it calls “altered states of consciousness” are characterized by ineffability. You can’t put it all into words (which is what a large part of current “hypnotherapy” tries to do) I can picture St. Paul and Patanjali patting current Western Psychology on the head saying, as we were so fond of saying in the South, “Bless your pea-picin’ little heart….you are starting to catch on.” so, the principles of transformation outlined by both will be demonstrated so participants can “get it” beyond the realm of linguistic communication – and even help others “see the light.” Guess that wouldn’t be a bad behavioral goal for a hypnotherapy discussion nor for the practice of hypnotherapy….

Hypnotherapist – about 40 years Hypnotherapy Instructor – close to 30 years Professor at area colleges in subjects as diverse as Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Philosophy of Ethics, Ancient History, Near Eastern History, American Government, Mathematics, Humanities, Old Testament Literature and others. Methodist Clergy Person (please don’t hold that against me)